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Feb 27

Best Workout Mix – February!!!

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My workout series continues. This is mix 4 for February ’09. It’s a great collection of upbeat high energy dance tracks to get your groove on at the gym and burn those excess calories that you need to burn off and keep off. This Best Workout Mix – February is fast and energetic enough to make you sweat and burn off the extra unwanted calories. Try this mix for a week and you’ll drop 5 pounds. Try it for three weeks and you’ll be 10 pounds lighter. Guaranteed!


Best Workout Mix – February

Erotic Discourse by Paul Woolford Pres. Bobby Peru

Human (Ferry Corsten Remix) by The Killers

Wake Up Featuring FrankMusik by Acid Girls

Insecure Me (Trevor Jackson/Playgroup Remix Edit) by Soft Cell

Running Into Time (AutoKratz Remix) by Headman

Alice (General Midi Remix) by Moby

Can’t Stop Moving (The Young Punx Remix) by Sonny J

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M.U.S.I.C. (SymbolOne Remix) by Nid & Sancy

Catch 22 by Shawn Ward

When I Grow Up (Jagz Kooner Remix) by Garbage

Chrystal City by Alan Braxe & Fred Falke

Crash V8 by Kill Memory Crash

America (I Love America) (Full Length 12″ Vocal Mix) by Full Intention

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Here’s a romantic and sexy playlist that I’ve put together. More French themed tracks and pretty downtempo and chill which I think is perfect for Valentines Day right? Well this mix is perfect. I start and end with French speaking ladies doing a spoken word thing. I figured that would be perfect for this. The tracks contains jazzy, sexy cuts from folks like Gare Du Nord, Eva Be and Lemongrass. As well as some lo-fi mellow electronica from the likes of Sebastian Tellier and Ambrosia.

You’ve also got some dub and lounge thrown in there as well – mixed well. Check it out and see what you think of the tracks. Feel free to comment let me know.

Chocolat by Zofka
Belle by Alif Tree
Room 69… Moi by Gare Du Nord
Trouble Boy (Eva Be’s Trouble Girl Remix) by Eva Be
Boy With The Beautiful Hair by The Easy Access Orchestra
Rendez-vous by Lemongrass
Come Along With Me by Bitter:Sweet
La Seconda Volta by Max Leonidas
Kiss Me by Private Show
Blue Coast (Ecko Remix) by Lalann

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Slip Into Something More Comfortable by Kinobe
Pomme by Sébastien Tellier
Playground Love by Air
Fino Allorizzonte by Luis E.Bacalov
Monday Again by DJ Rodriguez
Mein Freund Harvey (Sugar Daddy) by Touch & Go
Until The Morning by Thievery Corporation
Ambrosia (Bertrand Burgalat Cover) by Ambrosia
Romantica by Dalida

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Feb 11

Winter Chill

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For this mix I decided to pull some dark, moody ambient cuts. Music that sounds really cold. Chilled. I was looking for tunes that contained sound effects of thunder, lighting and rain within some of the tracks. That is the deal with Fyresvatn by Asle Bjørn. It’s mellow, ambient and full of light sound effects. It’s the thunder sound effects that really get the track going. It’s pretty chill and laidback. It definitely moves though until it winds down to rain and ocean waves sound effects. Which nicely fades us into the next track. Winter by Lippok & Morgenstern a mellow, acoustic ambient track. Really quiet. Perfect for cold evenings at home to chill to while you are wrapped in a blanket. I like the piano touches in it as well. It’s certainly really mellow. Up next we have the spacey piece called Angel Face by Aaron Jasinksi. It’s certainly got a nice downtempo, idm thing going for it with the clicks and pops of the electronics. It mixes well right after the Lippok & Morgenstern piece. Boards of Canada fitts perfectly in this mix. Their music is quite dark and cold. Very electronic. So the next piece is Left Side Drive. I lvoe this track as it’s quite thought provoking – makes me think for some reason and it’s a nice mood driven piece. I like the slow beats though. I absolutely love Boards of Canada. Their music is some of favorite music and they are perfect for chilling to in the background.

We then head into some vocal experimentation by M83. I like this piece as it’s mostly beatless but it’s cold and dark. It sounds like it’s lifted off of a movie soundtrack. It works well here right after Boards of Canada. Almost makes you want to cry – thinking you are watching this sad, sad story and one of the main character just died. Perfect track! Next up is a modern classical piano piece with operatic voices. Very dark and cold. It feels like we are in a different scene in this film and now our only main character is trying to put their life back together. This is quite the powerful piece. Works nice here right after M83.

Avia doing Why Should I Cry is somewhat quirky. I thought twice about putting this piece here and I almost didnt but thought I didn’t want to make this mix way too dark so this works here. It’s mello downtempo track and with some slow scratching effects throughout with the vocal repeating Why Should I Cry – Now You’re Gone. Works right?

L’amour Et la Violence the next track by Sebastian Tellier is pulled from his Sexuality album. I figured this mellow piano piece would work here. It’s mostly piano and then his vocals until it gets into this lo-fi seventies sounding piece – something that sounds like it’s lifter from A Clockwork Orange. I love it. I actually really love Sexuality – it’s an amazing album and the producer Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo from Daft Punk did an excellent job at the production of this album. It’s my favorite album from the last several months and I keep listening to it over and over. It’s perfection.

Lots of minimal vocal pieces in this mix with light, minimal beats added to the tracks and that’s just what Mangia Amore by Marsmobil is. It actually does get going and get fast but it’s still quite minimal and dark and cold.

With the next track I decided to get a little warmer. Forgotten Places by Alif Tree seemed like the perfect track to do that segue and it works. It’s jazzy downtempo with beautiful vintage sounding female vocals. I wanted to change the direction of the mix so this tune does that very well. I wanted to play some laidback, downtempo soulful house and Naked Music’s Pleasure Seeker was calling to fit in this mix so it was the perfect track to follow Pleasure Seeker. It’s sexy, cool yet warm with laidback vox. Romantic is another word that comes up when I hear this track.

The rest of the mix goes into some light acoustic fair with electronic background and ambient touches. This was the best decision to wind down the mix. I especially love U-Turn (Lili) by Aaron. It’s sounds like the Coldplay track that never was. And of course Dead To The World by Röyksopp is the perfect tune to end this mix with. Perfect mellow climax. Enjoy!

Fyresvatn by Asle Bjørn
Winter by Lippok & Morgenstern
Angel Face by Aaron Jasinski
Left Side Drive by Board Of Canada
Coloring The Void by M83
Fragment 1 by Rougge

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Why Should I Cry by Avia
L’amour Et la Violence by Sébastien Tellier
Mangia Amore by Marsmobil
Forgotten Places by Alif Tree
Pleasure Seeker by Naked Music
Vodka by China Bear
La Vitrine by Julien Ribot
The Question by Andy Caldwell
U-Turn (Lili) by Aaron
Twice by Little Dragon
Dead To The World by Röyksopp

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