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I am the worlds biggest music fan but trust me I’m not your typical music fan. I normally don’t like you’re “average joe” music so I don’t really listen to much top 40 music or any music you would hear on American Idol. In fact I hate American Idol and all it stands for. Usually the people that watch that show don’t have good taste. That’s true! It’s for the masses and I’m not one of them. I think that music personally to me is Crap! I hate mass produced, over stylized corporatized (is that a word?) music. It doesn’t have much personality or soul – it’s only produced for glitz and money, that’s it. Don’t get me wrong though I do sometimes like some pop but it’s rare and I hate Mariah Carey. The girl is TRASH!

I have a pretty eclectic taste and favor mostly electronic and usually instrumental tracks and which it also includes lots of classical and anything in between but rarely country music. Sorry folks I have to draw the line somewhere and since I’m not a US native I don’t have any country blood in me so I don’t appreciate it or really even understand it. Although there’s some old country that I do like and usually the country music from today I hate (goes back to that over produced crap that I mentioned above) so I avoid it like the plague.

So you give me jazz and I like it – you give me lounge, exotica, easy listening and I still like it. Hey I also like opera. Don’t we love it when we hear it on the stereo system in a restaurant? Oops usually never here in the states. I’m thinking of Europe somewhere but I do still like it.

I have a huge collection of music 100K+ mp3′s converted from CDs that I’ve purchased (started in 1988) or downloaded legally or sent to me from various promotional avenues that exist out there. I’ve been making mix CDs for quite sometime now (started around 1998) and I have a following – friends and family seem to want my mixes more and more because they love them. So I figured I’d post all my playlists/mixes here on Best Playlists for the whole world to see and maybe get ideas to make your own mixes.

My goal is to post two playlists a week for the next year and so on. Please check out my mixes and feel free to comment and let me know what you think of them.

If you’re nice enough to leave a comment I might just send you that mix!