Aug 21

Best Jazz Lounge Playlist Ever!!!

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Best Jazz Lounge Playlist Ever!!!

This is the Best Jazz Lounge Playlist Ever! This Best Jazz Lounge Playlist Ever has all the jazz touches that a jazz lover craves with the added touches of an electronic music production which most of the acts below are known for. Nu Jazz as a genre has been around for almost 15 years now. It was necessary to coin the tern Nu Jazz because in the 90s when electronic music as a genre was just all over the place with new subgenres popping up every minute it was smart enough to coin this new term Nu Jazz. Think of acts like Jazzanova, Koop, Parov Stelar, Bonobo, Quantic and more when you think of Nu Jazz.

This Best Jazz Lounge Playlist is sexy, smooth as it’s not very upbeat. Don’t get me wrong it has nice energy but it’s definitely background. Get the entire playlist and use it for a nice cocktail party at your own home sipping on martini’s and chit chatting away with your friends. I can totally see this Best Jazz Lounge Playlist at some posh sexy new bar-lounge establishment that offers high end cocktails.

This Best Jazz Lounge Playlist also has a bit of an Italian flavor too. Think of Italian 60s Movies with the jazz soundtrack from those film and some of these tracks are certainly reminiscent of that era. Check out Dolce Vita by Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchesra as that cut is mostly reminiscent of music from that era. But there are other on the list. Cuts like La Calda Notte by Mondo Candido and Quickly by Gerado Frisina are very Italian in flavor! I’m mostly digging Dalaaqui by Cay Taylan currently. It’s get a very nice beat, I love it. I’ve also been heavily into Sunrais by Afternoons In Stereo. Afternoon’s In Stereo has several albums out and if you like what you hear on Sunrais by Afternoons In Stereo then you will certainly love their sound and should check out their music.


Best Jazz Lounge Playlist Ever!!!

Quickly by Gerado Frisina
The Energy Of A Small Woman (Jelly Jem Remix) by Thomas Siffling Trio
Mahagon by ZIMPALA
Before My Time by Scallymatic Orchestra
Sunrais by Afternoons In Stereo
Kind Of Latin Rhythm by The Juju Orchestra
Dolce Vita by Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchesra
Soulsalicious by Tape Five
El Toro by Bonobo
Pilgrims by United Future Organisation
Pablo’s Blues by Gare Du Nord
La Calda Notte by Mondo Candido
Dalaaqui by Cay Taylan
Timestreched by Alif Tree
For Rose by Parov Stelar
Dave Dudley by Tosca

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