Sep 09

Sexy After Hours New Disco Mix!!

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This is the best Sexy After Hours New Disco Mix ever! This collection of tracks is what’s hot now with the nu disco revival that’s happening. Don’t get me wrong though these are not your full on banging club disco tracks as most of these are more sexy, laidback martini sipping disco tracks that you would hear after hours in a swank night club, lounge or bar. Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Remix) by Escort starts things right off with this Sexy After Hours New Disco Mix and goes right to the end with midtempo sexy new disco grooves with Enjoy Music (Crazy P Remix) by Reboot. Two key names in the New Disco sound that you should pay attention to are Greg Wilson and Crazy P (who used to be Crazy Penis) as they are releasing some of the best New Disco Music now!! Greg Wilson mostly is remixing stuff and Crazy P just keeps feeding us with tasty tasty beats! If you like the New Disco sound then you will never go wrong with Crazy P/Crazy Penis and Greg Wilson. Check out Credit To The Edit by Greg Wilson!

More excellent New Disco acts with awesome cuts on this Sexy After Hours New Disco Mix include Rue De Rome (Original Extended) by Munk, We Can’T Fly by Aeroplane and Coma Cat by Tensnake as these have been on repeat on my iTunes and iPhone over and over again. But the track that I’ve overplayed to death is Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix) by Midnight Magic. There is something funky about this song that reminds me of tracks like Puttin’ On The Ritz by Taco but much faster, groovier and hipper than Taco. It’s got a very 20s vibe! You think?

I’ve programmed music for many a bar and cocktail lounge settings and over and over again I pull these tracks as it makes the place more sexy and alive. A sexier and hipper crowd comes in and they spend more money and the bar or lounge feels more alive and hopping. Once you are done listening to this Sexy After Hours New Disco Mix trust me you will start feeling sexy and hip!

Sexy After Hours New Disco Mix!!

Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Remix) by Escort
I Want You by Amplified Orchestra
Don’t Turn it Off by 40 Thieves (feat. Qzen)
Rue De Rome (Original Extended) by Munk
Downtown by Erodiscotique
I Am Dead (Who Made Who Remix) by Jori Hulkkonen
Love Fighter by StardonE
We Can’T Fly by Aeroplane

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Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix) by Midnight Magic
Coma Cat by Tensnake
1988 (Jimpster’s Second Summer Of Love Mix) by Youandewan
Nightclubbing (Original Mix) by Visti & Meyland
Love Saves The Day (feat. Kathy Diamond – Soul Clap Remix) by Kaine
The Eighty Eight – Original Mix by Fishtank
Enjoy Music (Crazy P Remix) by Reboot

Sexy After Hours New Disco Mix - Download The Entire Mix Here!
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  1. Whoa! I’ve been looking for a playlist like this and now that I’ve found it I’m going to download it and listen to it as much as I can. Thanks for putting this together. I love it!

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