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Aug 06

Best Summer Chillout Playlist!!!

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It’s always nice to find some time during summer months to just chill. Perhaps at the beach or the lake or river. Or while on a trip to the big city somewhere to just sit around and chill for a while. Have a nice collection of not too upbeat tracks and perhaps sipping a glass of wine or something and relaxing. Well this mix is the Best Summer Chillout Playlist ever. It’s very hip and current with the mix of tracks. Most of the tracks are at least from the last couple of years and all tracks are downtempo to mid tempo in their bpm’s. So it’s an excellent CDs length mix of chill out tracks that you can burn on to a CD to take with you or sync as a playlist on your iPhone or iPod and take with.

So the Best Summer Chillout Playlist starts out with a very mellow, relaxing mostly ambient vocal cut called Calm by Beach Hoppers from their album Tender Treatment. I figured starting out with a very relaxed song with be best with a chill out mix right? Then we head into Balearic territory with Coyote’s Pacific Breeze which is still mellow and calm and all but this cut and a lot of Coyote’s music has a very light disco flavor to it. It’s awesome. It’s definitely not your parents disco music though trust me it’s all instrumental all mellow chill beat. Pacific Breeze is off of Coyote’s Harlyn Bay album that I highly recommend if you are into cosmic balearic nu disco!

Up next is a sexy breezy ambient chill track called Loving You by Lemongrass. I’ve been a huge fan of Lemongrass ever since I heard of their album Windows. Anyone who has not heard of Windows and is into chill out music then you should definitely start out with Windows. Although Loving You by Lemongrass off of their excellent double album Beach Affairs fits perfectly into our Best Summer Chillout Playlist because you guessed it it’s perfect for Summer right?

Lizzie’s Balloon by 45 Dip is several years old now but you still won’t get tired of Lizzie’s Balloon as it still sounds fresh today. By the time you get to Lizzie’s Balloon in this mix Best Summer Chillout Playlist the beats start getting a little more heavy but you can still experience the music is still pretty calm it’s just a little more upbeat. Lizzie’s Balloon does just that. It’s the calm upbeat track. LOL! It’s perfect for chilling in the summertime!

I’ve been a huge fan of Dzihan & Kamien since the late 90s. They are excellent at crafting awesome chill out tunes with downtempo beats while adding some worldly flair to them. Just listen to Just You & I and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Well here with Mojamore, Dzihan & Kamien keep the downtempo beats going perfectly. Mojamore is the perfect moody, chill out track that you can have in the background of your summer chilling. You can even hear the tabla while listening. Remember they do throw in the world music touches which this is not really world music! It fits perfectly in this collection almost in the middle. The beats are certainly there but they are not obnoxious. They are just mellow! Mojamore, Dzihan & Kamien is off of their latest double CD Lost & Found.

Nobody Else by Maya Jane Coles flows perfectly after Mojamore by Dzihan & Kamien. This now is a vocal track, moody and laid-back for chilling around. After I first heard of Nobody Else by Maya Jane Coles I immediately had to check out who Maya Jane Coles was. I loved her somewhat eerie voice and wanted to hear more songs by her. I discovered she’s got some great electronic music and discovered awesome stuff from her.

Up next is Save Me Tonight by Goloka. A hypnotic, vocal driven chill out electronic cut that’s. The beats are certainly bigger here but they beats are mellow enough to qualify as a chill out track. I love Goloka and Save Me Tonight by Goloka was the first track that introduced me to their music and since I’ve heard of Save Me Tonight by Goloka I’ve fallen in love with their sound. It’s quite nice. Save Me Tonight by Goloka is off of their excellent album Afterglow which also includes Ain’t No Game, Blue, Thinking About You and Give Me Lovin. Excellent album worth checking out.

myloveismusic by Ralph Myerz does not need any introduction. It’s excellent sexy downtempo and chill out electrornic music that you count on from Ralph Myerz either solo or with Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band. They are certainly innovators of this style of electronic downtempo and chill out cuts and will obviously continue what they do best.

Going forward the tracks start increasing in beats a bit and kind of take on a very disoish flavor. Not disco you can dance to and not old school disco cuts. This is Nu Disco! I recently discovered 6th Borough Project and all I can say is their sound is awesome. I love disco music and I love Nu Disco and boy I can say If The Feelings Right by 6th Borough Project is an excellent Nu Disco cut. It’s off of their amazing first album One Night In The Borough and it rocks. One Night In The Borough has a very chill vibe to it. It’s not one of those banging electronic albums. It’s more sexy and mellow and sure there are cuts that can get you grooving but it’s not frenetic whatsoever. If you are into disco then this is your cup of tea. Love the sound! Check out Back To Me off of One Night In The Borough and you’ll see what I mean!

The songs get sexier and sexier with Cicada’s Elle Et Moi off of their excellent, excellent Golden Blue album. Wow this was such an underrated album that deserves to be discovered and heard. The vocalist with Cicada use to be vocalist for GusGus the 90s electronic act that was signed to 4Ad Records. I know they are still around but Heidrun Bjornsdottir does such an amazing job with Cicada that Golden Blue has become one of my favorite albums of the 2000′s. For more sexy mid tempo electronic cuts by Cicada check out Tricks, The Things You Say and All About You. You will certainly love them and the rest of Golden Blue.

By now you are realizing that this Best Summer Chillout Playlist is a really sexy one too as the next cut by CFCF called Invitation To Love is just that. It’s a beautiful and sexy slow groove that is just laid-back for lounging in the summer heat with warm wind blowing on your skin. Right??? Invitation To Love by CFCF is off his excellent album Continent which also includes a Nu Disco cover version of Big Love by Fleetwood Mac. You’ll love it I’m sure of that. Check it out here on my Disco Love Playlist, Nu Disco Now! 

The next cut was just a fluke discovery. I found it off of Select 2010 – Music For Our Friends By Claude Challe & Jean-Marc Challe and it’s one of those Buddha Bar type CD collections but I loved it enough to include on this playlist. Fame by Petrol sounds like a Liza Minelli type is singing the song but it’s much more than an old fashioned easy listening jazz cut. It’s a funky, bouncy electronic cut. Love it! And if you love Buddha Bar Collections then you will love Select 2010 – Music For Our Friends By Claude Challe & Jean-Marc Challe!

We’re down to two more cuts and this perfect mix of laid-back electronic cuts in the Best Summer Chillout Playlist comes to an end. Absynth (Marcus Worgull Remix) by Woolfy vs Projections continues on this perfect mix with a very laid-back somewhat haunting Nu Disco cut.

Finally we’ll finish off with a fun very chill classic cut Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje Remix) by Antena. This of course is a remix by Todd Terje who I really am a fan of. Todd Terje has perfectly remixed this classic early 80s cut and brought it into todays sound.

There you go your Best Summer Chillout Playlist. Enjoy!

Calm by Beach Hoppers
Pacific Breeze by Coyote
Loving You by Lemongrass
Lizzie’s Balloon by 45 Dip
Mojamore by Dzihan & Kamien
Nobody Else by Maya Jane Coles
Save Me Tonight by Goloka
myloveismusic by Ralph Myerz
If The Feelings Right by 6th Borough Project
Elle Et Moi by Cicada
Invitation To Love by CFCF
Fame by Petrol
Absynth (Marcus Worgull Remix) by Woolfy vs Projections
Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje Remix) by Antena

Download the entire playlist here.

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